Afghan Future Fund


The Afghan Future Fund run programs in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Our efforts include providing grants for Afghan journalists, trainings for Afghan civil societies and technology leaders, and scholarships for Afghan university students to continue their education in the United States and Europe.

All of our programs advance our mission to support and empower Afghan talent around the globe as we work across border to mobilize collective action and build a better future for the Afghan people and the world. See below for more information about a few of our flagship initiatives.

AFF evacuated hundreds of at-risk Afghans from Kabul to safety in Albania. Alongside prominent partners from the Albanian government and NGO community, AFF organized the coordination and delivery of medical care, primary education, and other essential support services for Afghan refugees in Albania. At the peak of operations, these services supported nearly 3,000 refugees and displaced persons.

In addition to humanitarian assistance, AFF’s support for its evacuees in Albania includes immigration assistance, and we have successfully brought nearly 100 Afghans from Albania to the United States and Canada. We also partner with our evacuees to advance their potential through education and work opportunities, with a focus on technology.

"After the collapse of Kabul, my wife and I were waiting for a sign of hope as the danger got closer. This hope came from the Yalda Hakim Foundation and Afghan Future Fund, which gave us safety and a chance to start our lives again. Thank you."

Afghan evacuee in Albania

AFF evacuated more than 100 American University of Afghanistan students to safety at the American University of Iraq - Sulaimani, where they’ve been able to continue their education in fields like computer science, business, and politics.

AFF is working to bring every single one of these students to the United States. Alongside our partners, we will provide them with immigration assistance and scholarships to complete their educations at American universities.

"In helping our 110 Afghan students to relocate from Kabul to Iraq under crisis conditions, and in helping these students to arrange sponsored entry into other countries following their year of study at AUIS, the Afghan Future Fund has demonstrated amazing resourcefulness and ingenuity in dealing with the kaleidoscopic challenges of international refugee assistance. Our students and our University are immensely grateful for the support of this nimble young relief organization."

Dr. Bruce Ferguson
President, American University of Iraq - Sulaimani

The Afghan Free Media Project is dedicated to ensuring that talented Afghan journalists, in particular prominent women and citizen activists, have the opportunity to achieve their full potential and to provide accurate, independent, and timely journalism about what is happening in Afghanistan and the Afghan diaspora community.

Examples of the Afghan Free Media Project's work include the Afghan Content Creator Community, which supports nine Afghan content creators evacuated by the Afghan Future Fund to Albania. The Afghan Free Media Project empowers these creators to develop and monetize their Youtube channels while producing high-quality educational and journalistic content that amplifies Afghan voices.

The Afghan Free Media Project has also established a network of citizen journalists and freelancers in Afghanistan to address information gaps on the ground. This program also supports a network of 34 Afghan journalists (1 per province) in Afghanistan who develop high-quality, reliable content reporting the news of the day. The content is distributed online via Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Rise is a program that seeks promising young people ages 15-17 and encourages a lifetime of service and learning by providing support that may include need-based scholarships, mentorship, networking, access to career development opportunities, and the potential for additional funding as Rise Global Winners work toward solving humanity’s most pressing problems.

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