Helping Talented Afghans to reach their potential.

Committed to nurturing hope and prosperity for the Afghan people, while collaboratively working towards a more harmonious and thriving future for our world.


The Heart of Our Operations

The Afghan Future Fund stands as a beacon of support and empowerment for Afghan talent worldwide. With unwavering commitment, we unite in our mission to cultivate a brighter tomorrow for the Afghan community.

Afghan Future Fund
Afghan Future Fund
Afghan Future Fund

Our impact and milestones.


Empowering 250 students to continue their higher education journey in the United States.


Partnering with 42 leading institutions.

Evacuation Support

Over 300 Afghans evacuated with AFF’s support.


Provided leadership and coordination for the needs of 4800 evacuated Afghans who were successfully resettled from Afghanistan and Albania to U.S. and Canada

Artisan Empowerment

Trained over 150 students, 6 women-owned businesses, and 69 young female entrepreneurs, across six different crafts (jewelry, gem-cutting, woodwork, calligraphy, miniature painting, and ceramics).

Cultural Heritage

Connected over 120 children with their cultural heritage.

Our Partners

Afghan Future Fund
afghan future fund

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