Afghan Future Fund

The Afghan Future Fund

The Afghan Future Fund

The Afghan Future Fund

The Afghan Future Fund

A partnership between the Yalda Hakim Foundation and Schmidt Futures, a philanthropic initiative of Eric and Wendy Schmidt

Working for a better future for the Afghan people and the world.


The three pillars of our work

The Afghan Future Fund’s emergency work in August 2021 began with organizing multiple evacuation flights for hundreds of at-risk Afghans to third countries, including Albania and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.



AFF has coordinated and provided for the needs of more than 3,000 at-risk Afghan refugees on three continents, including housing, food, medical care, education, immigration assistance, and more.



AFF empowers Afghan talent through scholarships, education opportunities at all levels, and professional development and employment initiatives.




August 2021

  • Schmidt Futures and the Yalda Hakim Foundation established AFF to evacuate at-risk Afghans after
 the fall of Kabul
  • AFF's first evacuations transported nearly 100 Afghans to safety in some of the first evacuations from the city

October 2021

  • AFF evacuated nearly 100 more American University of Afghanistan students to American University of Iraq - Sulaimani
  • AFF evacuated nearly 70 Afghan media partners to Albania
  • AFF established humanitarian support infrastructure for nearly 2,100 Afghan refugees in Albania

November 2021

  • AFF evacuated 65 at-risk Afghan YouTube creators from to Albania
  • AFF evacuated Afghan students from Pakistan to American University of Iraq - Sulaimani
  • AFF hosted a virtual event connecting its community and evacuees, featuring AFF Managing Director Arezo Kohistany in Albania, Schmidt Futures CEO Eric Braverman in Iraq, and AFF Board Member Yalda Hakim in Afghanistan
  • AFF evacuees, including a group of Afghan journalists, arrived in Canada

December 2021

  • AFF Board Members Yalda Hakim and Vance Serchuk, along with AFF Managing Director Arezo Kohistany, traveled to Washington, DC, to discuss the crisis in Afghanistan on Capitol Hill and at the State Department
  • Vance Serchuk and Arezo Kohistany visited AFF evacuees at American University of Iraq - Sulaimani

January 2022

  • AFF launched the Afghan Free Media Project to support Afghan journalists

March 2022

  • Nearly 50 AFF evacuees arrived in the United States of America, where they began rebuilding their lives in their new homes

April 2022

  • AFF and its partners established a new scholarship program to provide up to 250 displaced Afghan students full scholarships at colleges and universities in the United States
  • Afghan media partners’ families arrived in Albania

May 2022

  • More than 40 displaced Afghan students evacuated by AFF participated in a graduation ceremony at American University of Iraq - Sulaimani

June 2022

  • AFF board member Yalda Hakim testified to the UN Security Council about deteriorating humanitarian conditions in Afghanistan

September 2022

  • The Afghan Future Fund and its partners Schmidt Futures, the Yalda Hakim Foundation, the Institute of International Education, Education Above All, and the Qatar Fund for Development launched the Qatar Afghan Scholarship Project

November 2022

  • The Afghan Future Fund was honored by the American University of Afghanistan's with its International Public Service Award

The Afghan Future Fund is committed to supporting and empowering Afghan talent around the globe as we work together to build a better future for the Afghan people.