Supporting Access to Higher Education for Afghans (HEA) Program

The Afghan Future Fund (AFF) collaborated with the Institute of International Education (IIE) on the HEA project. Initiated in 2023, the Supporting Access to Higher Education for Afghans (HEA) Program aims to empower talented and motivated adult learners, particularly Afghan women, by providing opportunities to enhance their professional skills and build connections in high-need fields. The program offers funding for online coursework and certificate programs in business/entrepreneurship, information technology, education, law, and allied health sciences.

The HEA program has made significant progress in empowering Afghan learners, particularly women, by providing them with valuable educational opportunities. Looking ahead, the next phase of the HEA project includes ten virtual enrichment events called the Professional Development Series (PDS).

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Afghan Future Fund

American University of Iraq

AFF evacuated more than 100 American University of Afghanistan students to safety at the American University of Iraq – Sulaimani, where they have been able to continue their education in fields like computer science, business, and politics (see more)

Afghan Future Fund

Afghan Media Project

The Afghan Free Media Project is dedicated to ensuring that talented Afghan journalists, in particular prominent women and citizen activists, have the opportunity to achieve their full potential and to provide accurate, independent, and timely journalism (see more)

Afghan Future Fund

QASP Scholarship

The Afghan Future Fund’s flagship program in support of Afghan students is the Qatar Afghanistan Scholarship Program (QASP), the single largest fully-funded scholarship for displaced students of any nationality to come to the United States (see more)

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