Afghan Free Media Project

The Afghan Free Media Project is committed to empowering talented Afghan journalists, particularly women and citizen activists, to fulfill their potential and deliver accurate, independent, and timely journalism. Our initiatives include supporting Afghan content creators evacuated to Albania, empowering them to develop and monetize their Youtube channels while producing impactful educational and journalistic content. Additionally, we have established a network of citizen journalists and freelancers in Afghanistan to bridge information gaps, along with supporting a network of Afghan journalists reporting on daily news from each province. Through these efforts, the Afghan Free Media Project amplifies Afghan voices and promotes free and reliable journalism.

Afghan Future Fund

QASP Scholarship

The Afghan Future Fund’s flagship program in support of Afghan students is the Qatar Afghanistan Scholarship Program (QASP), the single largest fully-funded scholarship for displaced students of any nationality (see more)

Afghan Future Fund

FIFA Afghan Project

Football has always been known for giving hope. The FIFA Afghan Project, in partnership with the Afghan Future Fund (AFF), is a perfect example of how football can truly make a difference in the lives of people in need (see more)

Landmark School

Beginning in the summer of 2023, Landmark School established a partnership with an Afghan refugee resettlement organization that provides educational support for Afghani students from middle school through (see more)

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