Afghan Future Fund


The Afghan Future Fund is a partnership between Schmidt Futures and the Yalda Hakim Foundation. It is a sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA), a US 501(c)(3) public charity.

Schmidt Futures and the Yalda Hakim Foundation launched the Afghan Future Fund after the fall of Kabul in August 2021. The Fund’s work began with coordinating emergency evacuations for at-risk Afghans and providing humanitarian relief and resettlement assistance, especially for Afghan women, journalists, civil society leaders, and students.

Today, AFF is on a mission to empower talented Afghans to reach their full potential. We provide charitable and educational seed grants, support Afghan refugees and displaced students with scholarships, support entrepreneurship, and advance other socially and culturally significant efforts relating to democracy and human rights.

Who we are

Arezo Kohistany
Board Member

Eric Braverman
CEO, Schmidt Futures

Yalda Hakim
Anchor and Correspondent, BBC

Andrew Moore
Chief of Staff, Schmidt Futures

Vance Serchuk
Executive Director and Managing Director, 
KKR Global Institute and Private Equity

Wilson Shirley
Manager, Schmidt Futures

Nadima Sahar
Executive Director, AFF

Nadima Sahar, a Kabul native and honored US graduate, champions Afghan arts and education. She founded the Galleria, boosting local artisans, and SPS, a research firm aiding in health, education, and governance. As TVETA head, she expanded access to vocational training, profoundly impacting Afghanistan’s educational landscape. Her board roles with the Initiative to Educate Afghan Women and Afghan Women’s Chamber of Commerce showcase her commitment to empowering Afghan women.